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We believe in the idea of surrounding ourselves with pieces that inspire us, things that we truly love. To intentionally choose quality over quantity, less but more meaningful things, for us to create a fuller life and a cleaner, better world.

Inspired by the Artisan

Through being fully attentive at work, above the notion of time, through determined practice the artisan strives for perfection, as the only path to attain the realisation of the “self”, connecting with her own heart and reaching for mastery. The self-expression of the artisan is infused into the crafted object, through her caring attention to its every detail. The enlivening beauty grabs our attention to pause and observe. It is a reminder for us to stay attentive and to live our lives mindfully. 


Original design

Inspired by the process of knitting our every design begins with a single yarn on the knitting machine. Our every piece reflects the unique story about texture, colour and material, honouring the "less is more" and timeless aesthetics, just as real beauty lies in simple things.

Premium quality

Our knitted accessories are made of top quality Italian yarns ensuring divine softness, high comfort and longevity.

Artfully made

We craft our knits with great attention to every detail in our atelier in The Netherlands. Part of the collection we knit on industrial knitting machines, working closely with the local knitting mills in Slovenia.

Our company

Mimoods, the name connecting the words my and moods promotes the idea of our special items, things with a high personal value and the thought to intentionally choose quality over quantity, less but more meaningful things.

Nice to meet you :-)

Welcome to our online boutique! We are a married couple living and working in The Netherlands, where together we've founded Mimoods Knits. We believe that design can positively influence our lives and our surroundings. We’ve started Mimoods to share the message through our work, to take a step back and rethink; surrounding yourself only with meaningful things leads to a richer life and a cleaner, better world. 

Spela Tabak, a Slovenian-born fashion and textile designer is the creative force behind the label. Spela’s family used to run a small family owned knitting mill founded by her grandmother in the 1950’s. It has greatly influenced Spela’s decision to continue the path of further exploration of the knitted fabric. Andreas Tabak, a Dutch graphic designer is her right-hand man in running the business.


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“The image of the Painted Tree Scarf came across my phone on a grey Brussels morning, while taking the bus to work. As our office was planning a wool conference in Italy, I thought the beautiful, abstract design was just what I needed to compliment my existing wool corporate-wear capsule. I placed the order on the Friday morning and the beautifully packaged Mimoods scarf arrived on the following Tuesday morning. I am truly delighted with the service and the product quality. If you need a pick-me-up purchase in wool, this would be my first choice; made in Europe from high end yarn and with the most wonderful attention to detail."


Dalena White
Secretary General
International Wool Textile Organisation