About us

"Buy consciously, buy fewer and buy better. We believe that timeless design is the only responsible choice, to make sure, that our future generations will be able to enjoy on this planet, as we can today. Good design, lasting quality and responsible production are the only right and sustainable direction for the fashion world to follow."

Mimoods is a knitwear label founded by a knitwear designer who grew up in her grandmother's knitwear workshop. This early childhood experience turned the art of knitting into an essential part of her life and her ongoing source of curiosity and inspiration.

"I get inspired by the knitting process itself. Designing knitwear is a unique process that takes plenty of experiments on the knitting machine, exploring different knitting techniques, yarn and colour combinations that finally lead me to a new design. I try to create products that lift my own and other peoples’ spirits. Our knits are made for people who get inspired by something rare and special, that they will want to keep in their wardrobe for a longer time."

Most products are crafted by the designer herself. Part of the collection is made on industrial knitting machines that offer the latest technological possibilities. These items are produced in cooperation with a professional knitting studio in Slovenia.

Mimoods Knits was founded in The Netherlands by a married couple, Špela and Andreas Tabak. Špela, a Slovenian fashion and textile designer is the creative force behind Mimoods. Andreas is a Dutch graphic designer and right-hand in running the business.




 Grandmother's workshop in the old days



Knitting Machine

 Knitwear production studio in Slovenia