Top quality Yarns

The look and the feel of our accessories all depend on selecting the right yarns. We prefer to use high-quality yarns made of natural fibres for our knits. They give us that rich, comfortable and luxurious feel on the skin and guarantee the long-lasting quality of our products. Our knits are made out of top quality Italian yarns, produced with uttermost respect for environment and society. 


Extra fine merino

The most valuable of wool is merino, the fibre obtained from merino sheep. Knits made from extra fine merino wool are unique, warm and durable. The secret of quality and prestige of merino lies mainly in the careful selection of the extra fine fibres. After the sheep is shorn only the finest and whitest parts of fleece are selected. This makes it easier to clean and process the wool. Fewer chemicals are needed to achieve vibrant colours with a beautiful sheen, that we so much love to use in our accessories. Extra fine merino is exceptionally soft to touch and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Kid mohair

Kid mohair is the finest hair, obtained from the first shearing of a young Angora goat. It is soft, warm, light and durable. With its beautiful lustre and sheen, we refer to it as the ‘diamond fibre’. The excellent characteristics make it the perfect fibre to use in luxury knitwear and accessories. We love the softness of kid mohair and once in our hands, we cannot let it go.